The festival is part of a chain of cultural and art activities of the 2018 Dong Hoi Tourism Culture Week.

Hundreds of girls and dance groups paraded with eye-catching clothes on main streets of the city They were divided into four groups to march along four main streets, meeting at the intersection of Nhat Le bridge and then heading toward Bao Ninh beach.

The 2018 Dong Hoi Tourism Culture Week is being organized from April 24th to May 1st with a wide range of events such as folk songs exchange program from April 24th to 25th, photo exhibition about Dong Hoi in the past and the present from April 26th to 30th, marine environmental protection activities at Nhat Le and Bao Ninh beaches from April 26th to May 2nd, and street music at Nhat Le Park from April 26th to 27th.

In addition, there will be Quang Binh Cuisine Festival at Nhat Le beach from April 27th to 30th, Bai choi singing festival at Nhat Le Park from April 29th to May 1st, beach volleyball tournament at Nhat Le Beach from April 25th to 28th, and Quang Binh traditional boat race on April 30th.

The week aims to promote and introduce the tourism potential as well as typical traditional cultural characteristics of Dong Hoi city and Quang Binh to domestic and foreign visitors./.