Ask yourself what are some of the best movies in 2017 to watch, read the following list and have answer for your question.

1. “Get Out” (Jordan Peele)

"Get Out" Movie 2017

2. “A Quiet Passion” (Terence Davies)

"A Quiet Passion" Movie 2017

3. “Good Time” (Josh and Benny Safdie)

“Good Time” Movie 2017

4. “A Ghost Story” (David Lowery)

"A Ghost Story" Movie 2017

5. “Slack Bay” (Bruno Dumont)

"Slack Bay" Movie 2017

6. “Phantom Thread” (Paul Thomas Anderson)

“Phantom Thread” Movie 2017

7. “Beach Rats” (Eliza Hittman)

“Beach Rats” Movie 2017

8. “Faces Places” (Agnès Varda and JR)

“Faces Places”  Movie 2017

9. “Song to Song” (Terrence Malick)

“Song to Song” Movie 2017

10. “Sylvio” (Kentucker Audley and Albert Birney)

“Sylvio” Movie 2017

The list tops the best 10 movies from recent post in New Yorker. See the full lists here.