The temperature in most of the area in Lang Son is 4-6 degrees Celsius, in the Son Son mountain area is less than 2 degrees Celsius. Nearly 140,000 preschool and primary students are off to ensure their health.

Các em học sinh ở Lạng Sơn đọc nghỉ học do thời tiết xấu

Chiều 29/12, thời tiết buốt giá kèm theo thi thoảng có mưa phùn nên chân tay tê cứng. Do thời tiết khắc nghiệt nên gần 140.000 học sinh mầm non và tiểu học trên địa bàn tỉnh Lạng Sơn được nghỉ học để đảm bảo sức khỏe.

In the afternoon of December 29, the cold weather accompanied by occasional drizzle so the limbs were stiff. Due to the harsh weather, nearly 140,000 preschool and primary students in Lang Son province are off school to ensure their health.

Teacher Nguyen Le Thuy - Deputy Head of Education & Training Department of Lang Son City - said that currently, 9,400 primary school students and 7,168 preschool children in the city do not go to school.

Parents in conjunction with the school regularly exchange information on weather, learning and health according to phone messages and social networks. The school will arrange compensatory teaching time to be reasonable, ensure health and study for the children.

Chan tay te cong, 140,000 Lang Son students have doubts about him 2 Before leaving school, Chi Lang Primary School (Lang Son City) instructed students to take effective anti-cold measures. In high mountains such as Mau Son and Cong Son (Loc Binh and Cao Loc districts), the temperature drops to only 2-3 degrees Celsius, the sky is foggy. The schools that organize staff and teachers visit, instruct them to keep their bodies warm, while increasing their protein and hot meals for their boarding students.

Lang Son education sector requires schools not to organize outdoor activities during the cold, damaging cold period.

Based on the weather in each region, the district's Education and Training Department instructs schools to adjust their study time accordingly.