The faintness in The Face made Mac Trung Kien unsupported when he won the final victory against Quynh Anh and Tram Anh.

Mac Trung Kien's The Face 2018 victory induces anger.

In the evening of December 30, the final of The Face Vietnam 2018 closed with Mac Trung Kien victory of Thanh Hang team. The two Quynh Anh girls of Minh Hang's Vo Hoang Yen and Tram Anh all came back. This result was surprising because Trung Kien was not a "strong warrior" from the beginning. Previously, according to the majority, he did not have the "door" to become the champion.

If only considering the final exam night, Trung Kien had a uniform expression with two female candidates. Even in the video recording session on the spot, thanks to careful and wise calculations from coach Thanh Hang, he also created an impressive moment on stage.

However, considering the whole process, Mac Trung Kien was more fuzzy than Quynh Anh and Tram Anh, whose performance was also unstable. In addition to the advantage of beautiful face, bright smile, Trung Kien's limitations are lack of personality, lisp, weak and somewhat superficial voice, not determined to the contest.

Before announcing the results, Ms. Trang Le - the producer and judge of The Face - gave a lot of compliments to Thanh Hang team. She commented: "Trung Kien surprised me because I created a dance moment, smiled a lot, knew the audience on both sides. However, if Trung Kien goes slower, stopping to take pictures will be more wonderful ".

Ms. Trang Le also emphasized that The Face is not Next Top so there is no need for height, no catwalk, but a beautiful face. Considering this criterion, Mac Trung Kien seems to be the right choice.

However, that did not stop the audience from pressing. The majority thought that the boy born in 1997 was not worthy of being a champion.