Math teacher in Binh Duong arrested for obscenity against people under 16

On the morning of September 25, the People's Court of Thu Dau Mot City (Binh Duong) sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment for defendant Nguyen Van Duc (59 years old) for sexually harassing people under 16 years old.

The claimant in the case was a female student in grade 9 who came to Duc's private house to take math class.

According to the indictment, N.L.H.C is a 9th grade student at a junior high school in the area of ​​Thu Dau Mot City. In July 2018, the parents sent their son C. to his house in Duc to learn more about math and many other students.

On October 25, 2018, Duc asked C. to come to learn in the his office. Here, Duc committed lustful behavior with his grandchildren C. Near the exam day, C. continued calling to study separately with Duc to review.

In the afternoon of November 15, 2018, Mr. C. went to the Duc's office to study, while Mr. C. was studying, Duc repeatedly touched Mr. C's chest, then he was pushed away, and then Duc went out of the room.