Due to its proximity to Saigon, Vung Tau is perhaps Saigoneers’ favorite location for a quick weekend trip to unwind. Based on this set of photos taken in 1967 by American veteran Tom Twitty, the sleepy coastal town hasn’t changed all that much through the years, though there are obviously more motorbikes today.

In Twitty’s shots, apart from local fishing communities, Vung Tau was also filled with hotels, bars and restaurants to cater to the flocks of tourists who came to town for day trips.

Have a look at Vung Tau in the late 1960s.

Photo of a hotel in Vung Tau in 1960s

Photo of a family in Vung Tau in 1960s

Photo of a Vung Tau Street in 1960s

Photo of a Vung Tau Pavement in 1960s

Students in Vung Tau 1960s

Street in rural area in Vung Tau 1960s

Photo of a market in Vung Tau 1960s

Big hotel in Vung Tau in 1960s

Vung Tau beach in 1960s

Daily life: Children in a family in Vung Tau 1960s

Small habour in Vung Tau Beach

A  man biking in a street in Vung Tau 1906

Photo of Vung Tau Sea

Photo of Children in street

Source: Saigoneer