Real estates in Binh Duong increased sharply

Binh  Duong has always beeen considered as the backyard of Ho Chi Minh City, its real estates, especially the areas adjacent to Saigon, have increased sharply in the last 3 years. Compared to 2017, some projects in Di An have tripled their prices. In the Di An Administrative Center Project area, in 2017, average price of land plots on some major roads ranged from VND 20 to 25 million per m2 but now it has reached the VND 70 million per m2.

Meanwhile, in the fourth quarter of 2018, land plots in Tan Binh Ward, Di An Town, were sold at the price from VND 14 million per m2, the main spindle position is now traded at VND 22 million per m2. At the end of last year, the this price was from 10 million dong per m2 and now reaches 17 million dong per m2.

Di An looked from above

Di An from sky. 

In Dong Hoa, Di An, price ò townhouse land for sale from August 2018 costs VND 18-20 million per m2. By the third quarter, the price soared to 40-45 million. price of raw houses started from of 16 million dong per m2 now have climbed to 33-36 million dong per m2. In Dong Hiep, Di An, a 6.5-hectare in residential projects sold in the first quarter for VND 24 million per m2 has now increased to VND 34-36 million per m2.

Land in other projects on Highway 1K, Binh An Ward, Di An, is currently trading at 30-36 million VND per m2. Price of raw houses located on the main road is around VND 36-45 million per m2.

Also located next to Saigon, in Thuan Giao, Thuan An, a new 5.3-hectare project sprung up in the first quarter of 2019 with a townhouse price of 72-75 million dong per m2. The land for main traffic axes is traded at VND 32-35 million and the inner land area rises to VND 20-23 million.

Not only land price increases, other segments in Binh Duong from the end of 2018 have become a magnet for real estate businesses from Ho Chi Minh City. Many businesses residing in Ho Chi Minh City such as Dat Xanh, Phu Dong Group, Thu Duc House, Van Xuan ... are all present, resulting in dozens of projects launched with thousands of apartments, mainly in Di An, Thuan An, Thu Dau Mot. Along with this wave of supply, the apartment market in Binh Duong is also setting up a new price level, many projects in the first sale offered VND 30-35 million per m2, up to 20- 30% compared to the end of 2018.

General Director of Viethome Company, Nguyen Anh Dao, said that many reasons for the price of land in particular and real estate in general in Binh Duong soared in locations adjacent to Saigon. Due to the increase in the overall market price, the price of Ho Chi Minh City is higher, so it has spread to neighboring localities with development potential.

Thuan An and Di An owns modern transportation system that links to Saigon, and another projects are bing moved to the city, therefore the real estate market is getting hot. Along with the high investment wave coming from Ho Chi Minh City, public works and services in these two areas are gradually being improved, which is also an important factor driving up real estate prices.