The fans crowned the stands at the first match of Vietnam at the AFF Cup

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The fans crowned the stands at the first match of Vietnam at the AFF Cup

At noon on November 8, thousands of Vietnamese fans pulled into Laos national stadium to cheer teacher teacher Hang-seo in the match at the AFF Cup 2018.

The attractiveness of the Vietnamese team started hot in the opening match of AFF Cup 2018. Very large overseas Vietnamese in Laos and fans from Vietnam have come to the capital Vientiane to cheer teachers teacher Park Hang-seo before. Laos.

1,500 tickets for Vietnamese fans sold out. The number of tickets is printed by the local organizers to the second time to meet the needs of the visitors. The area for Vietnamese fans will be the C stand.

Two young students are sharing: "We have not bought a ticket because we have to find a ticket to stand A new. Many people do not like to sit in the stands B, C, D, to the yard is likely to also have a reseller.

Hạnh Vi, the girl donated to Ha Duc Chinh at the airport also thanks her mother bought tickets for the A stand. "The ticket that Vi bought is 30,000 kip (about 82,000), but this area is not encouraged", she said.

The Lao Football Federation offers two tickets of 10,000 kip and 20,000 Kip for the match between Vietnam and Vietnam. This price is about 27,000 VND and 54,000 VND, cheaper than the price of VFF.

Lao Football Presidency: 'Looking forward to Vietnamese fans not burning flares'

Viphet Sihachak is concerned that the Lao Football Federation (LFF) will be fined if Vietnamese fans fire flares in the Laos match against Vietnam.

Mr. Viphet Sihachak expressed: "We hope Vietnamese fans do not burn the celebratory fireworks in the stands. That is really dangerous and makes the LFF fine, we do not want that. "

Teams of motorists on their way to Lao National Stadium. Vietnamese fans warm up the atmosphere before the battle. This is a great encouragement for teachers in the Park Hang-seo game in the journey towards winning the AFF Cup


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