Advertising rates are only offered in the first round matches. Accordingly, 30 seconds of advertising cost 350 million dong, 20 seconds is 262.5 million dong. Center for advertising and television services, Vietnam Television (TVAd) has just announced the advertisement price of the group matches at the Asian Football Finals (Asian Cup 2019).

Accordingly, advertising prices are 350 million respectively; 262.5 million; 210 million; 175 million respectively for 30 seconds; 20 seconds, 15 seconds and 10 seconds.

The price of advertising comments in the group stage matches is not cheap either. Accordingly, the price is 300 million, 225 million, 180 million, 150 million for 30 seconds, 20 seconds, 15 seconds and 10 seconds, respectively.

Vietnam team training in Qatar (UAE) preparing for Asian Cup 2019. Photo: VFF. The Vietnam team will start campaigning for the Asian Cup group from 8 January 2019 with a 4-day intensity. In the first match, Vietnam will meet Iraq on the day of its launch (January 8), followed by Iran and Yemen.

At AFF Cup 2018, VTV offered a high-price ad in the final. Businesses will have to pay the price of VND 950 for 30 seconds of advertising, VND 712.5 million for 20 seconds, VND 570 million for 15 seconds and VND 475 million for 10 seconds.

In the same match, advertising prices on VTC3 were many times lower than VTV. With a 30-second ad in the final is 400 million dong, 20 seconds is 320 million dong, 15 seconds is 240 million dong, 10 seconds is 200 million dong.