Vietnam's e-commerce ranking: Shopee ranks number 1, follow up by Sendo

iPrice Insights and App Annie Intelligence have just released the ranking of Vietnam's e-commerce applications in the second quarter of 2019, according to two criteria measured by App Annie technology: total downloads and number of users. Average monthly applications (Monthly Active Users - MAU).

In particular, the download shows which applications are most successful in terms of attracting new users, while the number of MAUs helps to identify the applications that are doing well in retaining customers and making them interact regularly.

The research results show that, in the second quarter of 2019, Shopee's mobile application led the Vietnamese market in both criteria. The research team said that this position is partly due to Shopee has long pursued the 'mobile-first' strategy, prioritizing the mobile platform.

Since 2018, Shopee has focused on investing in activities that attract customers to the mobile application, notably advertising campaigns and shopping festivals. Besides, this platform also develops applications in the direction of increasingly handy.

"Shopee focuses on mobile apps from the beginning and builds the user interface around that goal. Their orientation makes the mobile shopping experience with Shopee very fast and intuitive." Market research company Econsultancy analyzed in a report.

Ranked second on the user rankings is the application of Lazada Vietnam. While the traffic to Lazada's website is decreasing continuously for many quarters, this exchange has a high traffic on mobile applications. 

However, the biggest surprise from the research is the ranking of Sendo. The mobile application of this platform ranked No. 2 in the second quarter of 2019 in terms of downloads, meaning Sendo is currently successful in attracting more new users.

In addition, Sendo is also in the top 5 of Southeast Asia in terms of downloads of mobile applications last quarter. This is the only Vietnamese company in the top, comparable to Shopee, Lazada and Indonesia 'unicorns' Tokopedia and Bukalapak.

Leading Shopee Sendo sped up the race on mobile sales - 1

The research suggests that, similar to Shopee, this success of Sendo is the result of early bold investment in mobile applications. Launched in 2012, after 4 years of developing the web platform, Sendo started moving its businesses to mobile.

"The growth of mobile phones in recent years has increased rapidly because of the cheap Internet, the phones are significantly more powerful and the price is low. When the popularity is so high, people use more applications, and the movement comes very naturally, "said Tran Hai Linh - General Director of Sendo.

iPrice Group also said that this strategy is in line with Sendo's orientation to focus on the provincial market. "A huge number of customers in the provinces now access the Internet through mobile devices, having a strong mobile application will help Sendo reach this customer more effectively than competitors." This unit analyzes.