Vietnamese Comic Series 'Long Than Tuong' to Have Spanish Release Next Year

Jark Kween

Long Than Tuong Covers

Comedian Khanh Duong, co-author of Comicola has shared the story with joy.

Khanh Duong said that the manga was published by Spanish publisher Amok and published in this country.

Enrique Larrea from the publisher of Amok has bought the manga of Sonny Liew (Singapore), a comic book that is infamous for its Southeast Asian comic book franchise, receiving three Eisner Awards .

Enrique Larrea has always believe in the big potential of South East Asian comic, so he makes a trip around Southeast Asia to look for more pearls. Six months ago, Enrique Larrea came through the bookstore of Dinh Le in Hanoi and asked if there were any Vietnamese comic books that sold well. and all answered him Long Than Tuong.

After reading this, he shared:

I was extremely impressed by the style and plot. I believe this comic will be a big hit when gets published Spanish.

So he bought the rights of the book and will convert it to Spanish - As Khanh Duong a co-author of the book reported.


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