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Matt Larry added a article   1 year ago ago

Fix mysqldump: command not found error on Mac OSX

This error occurs often because MySQL is installed on your system via Mac Homebrew. To fix this, use the full...
Matt Larry added a tutorial into topic HTML Beginner Tutorial   1 year ago ago

HTML Introduction

HTML is a markup language. We use HTML to build the structure of web pages. HTML uses tags to markup...
Matt Larry added a tutorial into topic PHP Tutorial for Beginners   2 years ago ago

PHP Syntax

PHP syntax or just any other computer language's syntax, is a set of rules for writting application code. PHP script...
Matt Larry added a article   2 years ago ago

How to remove PhpStorm on Ubuntu

With many useful features, PhpStorm is one of the most popular IDEs for PHP developers out there. However, there's currently...
Matt Larry added an answer   2 years ago ago

Why use "call_user_func" in PHP

The call_user_function() is very useful when you want to provide the flexibility for user to call the function whose name...