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Home Gasner added a article   1 year ago ago

D'Edge Thao Dien District 2

D'Edge Apartments is a project developed by the world's leading real estate corporation, Capitaland, following the success of the two...
Home Gasner added a article   1 year ago ago

Tien Giang province takes the responsibility for chaos in Cai Lay BOT toll station

Tien Giang Province’s Department of Transport has officially acknowledged to take responsibility for the recent chaos in Cai Lay BOT...
Home Gasner added a article   1 year ago ago

PAN Farm offers to buy more than 30% of Sao Ta Foods Joint Stock Company shares for 23,000 VND/share

Sao Ta Food Joint Stock Company (FMC Securities) has received a request for public offering of FMC shares from PAN...
Home Gasner added a tutorial into topic HTML Beginner Tutorial   1 year ago ago

HTML Images

In HTML, we use `` tag to mark up images. The tag is self-closing tag, it doesn't have a closing...
Home Gasner added a article   2 years ago ago

Vim: Keyboard shortcut to navigate between content in a file

On Linux, Vim is one of the most powerful and popular editor out there. In this post, I'll show you...
Home Gasner added an answer   2 years ago ago

Javascript strip html tags from string

Use can use replace() with regular expression to perform this task: function html2Text(html) { if (typeof html == 'string') {...